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14 Ways to Show People Christ

14 ways to show people Christ Today, I want to continue on yesterday’s idea of “Doing Everything” for the Lord. You change the life of everyone you come in contact with everyday. Remember that? I still believe that is true, so today I want to think about the small, everyday, really easy ways to show Christ to other people. These are the deal-makers in everyday life. These are the things that almost always have to be in place before your Christianity can be considered as something legit by the world watching you. I know you already practice most of these things, but a little reinforcement might sharpen our skills.

The first thing on the list is SMILE. Have you ever called an office and you could tell the person on the other end of the line was smiling? I have, and it makes me look forward to meeting that person, in person. How about when you had to get your car towed to the garage because you blew out a tire, you were steaming when you walked in to the service center, but the receptionist was smiling and offered you some coffee. By the time your tire was repaired you were glad for the break. Smiles go a long way! Because so few people regularly smile, you will stand out, and people will wonder why you can smile so much. Be that person!

Say “THANK YOU” as often as you can. It will do 2 things. It will grow a spirit of thankfulness in you, which will make it easier for you to thank you even more. You will make an impression on the person you are thanking. Very few people say thank you very often. People notice that.

Listen! I mean really listen to what people are saying. Listen, and you may have a friend forever. Most people listen, sort of, but are preoccupied with what they are ready to say back. You be the person that actually hears.

Ask about them. We all love to talk about ourselves, but very few people are willing to step aside and ask about the other person first. And just as important as asking about them is remembering what they say the next time. That makes people think you care and hopefully you do.

Look them in the eye. Let them know they have your compete attention. If you can look people in the eye they know you are authentic and that they are important to you.

Listen some more!

Pray for them and with them. How often have you had someone express a situation to you and you responded with, “I will be praying for you”, only to remember the next time you see that person, that you never did pray? I was so guilty of this. I hated that feeling. So now, I either say, “Can we pray right now?” or I just pray silently myself. No more guilt, and they actually do get prayed for.

Give them a deserved compliment. You can always find something positive to say, so why not?

Listen some more!

Let them into your world. People love to feel like they are a part of your life so share something with them. Even if all you share in common is that you play Angry Birds too. That is a connection.

Tell them what you like about them. All of the people that do things for you all day long deserve it-Thanks for always being on time, or I really like the way you know that I like my water with lemon. You get the idea.

Listen some more!

Be authentic. Be Honest. These 2 go together. If you are authentic in your faith people will pick up on that. If you are honest in your speech, people will notice. Just be yourself and you will be authentic and honest and that is important to the watching world.

Encourage them. The world is busy, and crazy, and hard to handle for a lot of people. We always have a reason for hope because we have Christ and we need to be injecting hope into the world.

Listen some more!

Remember their words the next time. If someone told you something, maybe a concern or their kids names. Remember it, and ask about the kids or the concern next time.

Empathize with them. We all live in this world and usually we can relate somehow to what is happening in other people’s lives. Be sympathetic but give them some hope. Remember, you have an unlimited supply!

Listen some more!

There are lots more ways to show Christ to people. This is just a place to start, in simple, but important ways. I know, this post is long and the phone is ringing and so is the doorbell! Go answer both, and SMILE!

Much Grace

2 Responses to 14 Ways to Show People Christ

  1. Crystal says:

    I love your idea of silently saying a prayer right then and there. I too am guilty of saying I will pray for someone and then forget. This happens because by the end of my day, I’m praying for myself. Thanks for the tip!

    • graphics says:

      I long ago gave up thinking I would remember anything for too long unless I had an alert on my phone! It works and I will be praying for you at the end of the day tomorrow-I put it on my phone!

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