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HOSEA 6:3Today is going to be different. Why? Because today started out different. It is usually still dark when I get out of bed, so I can’t really see the weather. I always need to know the weather because I head out running about 6:15. The weather channel last night promised me partly cloudy and 57 degrees this morning. Perfect for a run! When I walked into my kitchen I heard something (surely not RAIN)! Oh, but yes, it was rain.Continue Reading



With God All Things


Have you ever thought about the power available to us in Christ? This morning I was completely overwhelmed as I thought about just that.  It was like gazing into a starry sky on a very clear night and trying to see the end of the universe.  My mind just sort of shuts down and says, “Can’t do this-just be in awe”.  It is that same feeling when I try to comprehend the power of God. I just have to step back and stand in awe. Let’s look at a verse that most of us have quoted many times.

Matthew 19:26 But Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all THINGS are possible.”

Continue Reading

How He Loves -Hosea

I am reading through Hosea with #shereadstruth and I had already planned to post my video for How He Loves today but as I read through Hosea 3 today it struck me how appropriate the words to this song are to the whole story of Hosea.Continue Reading

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