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Building Thanks


It’s Thankful Thursday! Have you ever noticed how some people seem to be always thankful and other people seem to be rarely thankful. Thankfulness is something that I think is built.Continue Reading


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First a word about the video. I am a runner and if you are not a runner-this video is sort of how running feels. You are aware of every footfall at first and then the groove starts and your mind goes wherever and eventually the world’s problems are vanquished and you return to reality.

Just a word of warning, I “wrote” this post this morning while I ran 8 miles, so it may be long. But, as I noted yesterday, I was never able to make the lower word limit on my high school essays so you are probably safe to start in.Continue Reading

Prayer James 5:16

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Right-click or ctrl-click this link to download.

The second half of James 5:16 is a snippet of scripture that travels well in Christian circles. You have probably heard it in a variety of versions.Continue Reading

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