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Your Hope Bucket

Lamentations 3:21-22
Hope is one of those non-negotiables that we all need to keep going. What is hope? In it’s most simple form, hope is something that we wish for, or look forward to, with the expectation or confidence that it will happen.Continue Reading

Everything is a Miracle

Everything is a Miracle

I think that everything is a miracle! Another way of saying this is that God is in control. I believe this with everything that I am. You-yes YOU, ARE A MIRACLE! Look around at your world today and try to see everything as a miracle. I promise that if you do this, you will not only have a great feeling day, you will also find yourself thinking about God all day.


Much Grace

Grace…the prayer connection

Hebrews 4:16
Here are 2 things that Oswald Chambers says about grace…

Grace is the overflowing favour of God.

Prayer is the exercise of drawing on the grace of God.

Continue Reading

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