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A Happy Place…

A Simple Smile-Mother Teresa
Today I had a doctor’s appointment. Not too exciting, I know, but it actually turned out to be really interesting. Not medically (fortunately), but relationally. My doctor had just moved to a different practice in the same city, so I was visiting a new (to me) office. I “followed” my doctor to his new location because he is a super doctor, and a great guy.

Here is how my experience proceeded…when I approached the building a woman form the inside held the door for me. When she finished with her conversation with a friend, she asked if she could help me find anything. She pointed me to the correct office. As I checked in, I noticed that the employees were smiling and talking with each other, and the patients. They seemed like they were having fun. While I waited for less than 5 minutes!!, the other patients being called were greeted with genuine smiles. The patients leaving also seemed to be happy. I began to wonder what was going on. It seemed like an alternative universe where everyone was happy.

When I was called back, I was treated in the same courteous and familiar manner. The nurse talked to me and shared some of her story. She treated me like a person instead of a patient. When my doctor arrived, he looked soooo happy! He said that this was just his second week in this practice, and he hasn’t stopped smiling.

So why am I sharing this story? Nothing amazing seems to have happened EXCEPT…this was a very happy place. In fact this place was so happy, you could FEEL the happy! It really was extraordinary!

What if more places were like this? What if your church was this kind of place? People would come just to feel the happy. What if your home was this happy? Your kids’ friends would make your house their headquarters, and there would be no other choice for game night.

One thing I learned at my appointment was that this office had very little personnel turn over. The employees didn’t leave unless they had to. It was a great place to be. On my way home I continued to think about why that office was so happy. I doubt that they only hired people with certain types of smiles. I am certain that this attitude began at the top. I am certain that the doctors set the tone for their work environment and it filtered down and basically became contagious. Contagious to the point that the patients contracted “happy”.

Life isn’t always happy or smiling, but it could be so much happier and smilier, if we took the lead wherever we live, work, or go to church. I am not talking about pasted on smiles and fake happy. That is not contagious. I am talking about genuine smiles because today is a gift form God to be shared.

Take a smile with you to work, or home, or church. It could change a lot. Someone may even ask you why you are so happy, and this is the perfect opportunity to point them to Christ.

Live Happy….Much Grace

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