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All Things are Possible…

with God all things 4

Here are some words that you should really consider today…


Those are really hope filled words especially if you have been drowning in a situation that feels impossible to untangle. Life seems to hand us these. In our humanness we usually try to untangle our situation by ourselves. The internet is great for finding ALL of the answers, and often none of them are what we need. But it always feels good to at least be doing something. Once the internet has led us no where, we might look for a friend who could help, or a book, or even a professional. We run all over the place researching and struggling and striving when what we really need is to hear these words…

[pullquote]WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE[/pullquote]

The first two words are the key…


Did you get that?…


Not with the internet, not with yoga, not with a new friends, not with more money, not with the right diet…WITH GOD!!!

Don’t leave that part out. [pullquote position="right"]PLEASE, DON’T LEAVE GOD OUT![/pullquote]

The possible goes to impossible with out God. Whatever situation you are managing right now-STOP! right where you are and FIND GOD!

Much Grace

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