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An unknown future…

Unknown future-Corrie Ten Boom

Most of us like to think we have our lives under control. We make plans, some of them years in advance. But the reality is, our future is unknown. The next minute could completely turn our lives upside down. That might be a good thing or it might be a hard thing. We really can’t control our lives.

But we don’t have to live in fear of the next day or month or year. We don’t have to worry about the future. We have a God who has seen the whole story. He is in total control and He is completely worthy of our trust. Actually, if you trust Him to manage your life, He will do a much better job than you will.

So today, consider trusting your unknown day to your known God. Give up the worry and fear and hard work of controlling your life.

Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God
-Corrie Ten Boom

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  1. Love all things Corrie ten Boom! So inspirational…love this! No worries about the future!

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