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Barren-Hosea 2:13


I have been doing the Pursued Challenge based on the book Pursued by Jud Wilhite. This book is centered around the Book of Hosea. The devotional highlights Hosea 2:13 “She put on her earrings and jewels and went out to look for her lovers but forgot all about me”. The “she” is Gomer and the “me” is Hosea but, it is actually a picture of Israel’s prostitution and God’s faithfulness. The author notes the secondary definition of prostitution as any instance of selling your talents for an unworthy cause. As I thought this over and even looked up the definition myself, I had to consider how I have used that which God has given me for His glory (my talents). I thought about pure motives-is that even possible? I thought about how James 2:14-26 says faith without works is dead. What about works without faith? Or actually works without the only worthy reason for the work-to give God glory. So why the image and the title? BARREN. Talents used, works done, gifts given, words spoken for any reason but for the glory of God are BARREN-empty, pointless, useless, void. I wonder how much of my life is transacted at this level of barreness. I know that in Christ there is so much more than what I have touched. So when I feel sort of void or empty inside even though it might appear I am doing all of the right things I need to take a look at how I am using the talents, the gifts, the words that God has given me. I need to act for my Audience of One

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