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Calling God…Letters from Summer Camp

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I think all of us have written that letter to God many times in our lives. Basically, our camper is saying yesterday I was too cool to take time for God and I thought I could handle everything. Today, I need help.

I know I have written that letter. It can take different forms…

My to-do list is pretty packed today so I better get an early jump on things. I’ll catch you later God. I can handle today. Later in the day when I figure out that I can’t handle it all,and I survey the “wreckage”, I write the letter.

You and your daughter haven’t been communicating well for the last several weeks. You have tried every parenting tip you know, but things just aren’t turning around. You are afraid you are alienating your daughter. So, you write the letter.

I think you get the idea. We always seem to feel like we can handle our lives until we can’t. Then we turn to God as the last resort. We write the letter.

God will certainly help us when we come to Him, even as the last resort. But, wouldn’t it be great to not have to get to the point of needing a last resort?

I tried an experiment last summer. I put God in my contacts list on my iphone. I know that sounds crazy, but here was my thinking. When something was bothering me, or I was getting worried, or something was really amazingly great, I would always want to call someone. I wanted someone else to feel with me. What I realized was that most of the time whoever I called couldn’t really help me. God was the only One that could really help me or truly understand why I was so happy. What having God on my iphone did was send me to Him first. It has become a habit now, but at first, I would always start to call someone and realize I should be calling God. It has been a powerful habit to form.

I write fewer of these “last resort” letters to God now. I still write them for sure, but having God on speed dial has really lessened the number.

I challenge you to put God in your contacts list and see if it makes a difference in your life. I would love to hear about what happens. This is what it looks like…
contacts list

Much Grace

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