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Change is the Essence of Life

When many people hear the word CHANGE they turn around and run quickly in the other direction. To some, change sounds like hard work and very uncomfortable. The reality is, when you stop changing, you start dying. From the moment you were born you began to experience rapid changes in all sorts of ways. This continues throughout life. You exchange who you were yesterday for a new you today. Day after day this happens. We do this naturally when we are young, but, for most of us, as we decide who we are or who we think we want to be, change becomes more difficult. We don’t want to leave a place of comfort for something different, even if it is better.

Change is interesting. We can choose to be proactive and choose the changes we think would make our world better, or we can choose not to change. If we choose not to change, we will still change, but it won’t be a positive change.[pullquote]Truly, when we stop growing and changing, we start declining and dying. [/pullquote]I would urge you to embrace change. Living is changing.

Much Grace

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