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Worship is Focus
[pullquote position="right"]Worship is focus -Beth Moore[/pullquote]

Think about that statement. It is true and it is difficult. Where is my focus this week, today, this minute? Before I consider where my focus is, I better define focus.

Focus is the center of interest or activity.

This is the most basic definition. We can also add to that, the state or quality of adding or producing clear visual definition.

Now that we have a definition, let’s consider how worship relates to focus. When we go to a worship service the plan is to spend that time focusing on Christ. We might sing songs that highlight His glory or His mercy. We might pray prayers of praise and thanksgiving to Him. We might hear a message that teaches us new truths about Him or His Word. This is what most of us would consider worship. It is time focused on the Lord. It is hearts focused on the Lord. Worship is focus.

That is the easy part. Here is the more difficult part. We are to make our lives worship, not just 1 or 2 hours a week. That means that our focus must be on the Lord all the time. We always have a choice how and where to focus our energy. Your focus is what drives you. Your focus is the fire that burns in your heart. Your focus is the deepest desire of your heart. If the deepest desire of your heart is not God’s glory, than you are not worshipping Christ. If what drives you isn’t your love for Christ, then your focus is somewhere else, along with your worship.

I may have a job as a dentist. That means that I look at teeth and gums all day long. My mind is thinking how to engineer this crown, or how to help this anxious patient. It would seem that my focus would be on these things, but my heart’s focus is on how to engineer this crown and help this patient so that God is glorified. What drives everything is my worship. What drives everything is my focus.

Paul in Biblical times made tents. He had to consider the design of the tent and the actual assembly. His mind was thinking tents. But there is no doubt that his heart focus was on making his tent in a way that brought glory to God. What drove Paul was his worship. What drove Paul was his focus.

Worship also makes our vision clearer. As we “live worship” every day, our purpose is brought into better focus. We are able to see more as God sees. Things and events that didn’t make sense or have meaning might become clearer as we focus on God in worship.

My challenge to myself and to you today is to search your heart and see where your focus is. What is the fire in your heart? What is the deepest desire of your heart? If it isn’t Christ–realign. Get radical. And Focus.

Much Grace

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