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God Answers…Letters From Summer Camp

Letter 2

Yesterday we saw our camper writing a letter to God asking for help because she was scared. She was calling out to God. This is something we see happening in the Bible many times. The Israelites are constantly getting into trouble and then asking God to get them out of it. The difference between our camper and the Israelites is that our camper is turning to God before the trouble, (the ropes course), whereas the Israelites would wait for the trouble to overwhelm them and then call out to God.

We see David calling out to God often in the Psalms. David was often in trouble, but it was more often because he was being pursued by enemies. David had his times of distance from God due to sin, but in any sort of trouble we find David running to God, not away.

In yesterday’s post I talked about calling God first because He really is our best source of help in every situation. This was David’s usual mode of action and he is a great example to us. Our camper also chose to call on God for help. She was scared of the ropes course and asked God to keep her safe. He not only kept her safe, He also gave her the joy of accomplishment in overcoming her fear.

Psalm 91:15 says:

When he calls to me, I will answer him;
I will be with him in trouble;
I will rescue him and honor him.

These are David’s words and he had lived these words many times. Our camper may have lived them for the first time yesterday. Hopefully, this will be a truth that sticks in her mind. I know for me, I have to re-learn this truth much too often. I am a problem solver. If there is a problem I attempt to fix it. And many, too many, times my attempts happen before I realize I should have involved God.

Putting God on my call first list helped me to improve this tendency, but I am still a problem solver, so I falter.

I made this image to remind myself. When I call to God, He will answer me and be with me and rescue me.
Psalm 91:15

This might be my next Scripture Doodle! I hope that as you encounter the stuff of life you remember to call God first because He will answer you.

Much Grace

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