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God will never let go…

My family doesn’t go hiking very often, but we did venture out into the amazing red rocks in Sedona, Arizona. The rock formations are so unique it is hard to not want to climb all over them. This particular day we found a trail head and started our journey. At first the trail was fairly flat and easy to negotiate. We took a lot of pictures at all of the places where we thought the great views were. We passed a few people coming down the trail. Most of them didn’t say too much, but one man sized me up, with my runner’s body, and offered that I might want to stay right were I was. That was all of the encouragement I needed to head straight for the top. The ascent grew more rigorous and the grass and trees disappeared. This made climbing more difficult because the only hand holds were the rocks themselves. We were determined to “summit” this particular rock, so on we went. We had just one more, basically straight up, wall to scale. I was just about to make it, when my feet slipped. My husband offered his hand and I grabbed it. I was holding on with all I had, but I was just about out of strength. Finally, he pulled me up to the top. It really was an amazing view! I told my husband that I had just about let go of his hand. He looked at me and said ,”it wouldn’t have mattered, I had your hand, and I would have never let go.”
Isaiah 41:10

This is such a picture of God our Father. We think that we are holding on to God, when actually He has our hands completely wrapped up. He will never let go of us. How often do I go looking all over for God, when He is right beside me. He doesn’t make a lot of noise. His presence is quiet, and if we can get our hearts quiet, for even a split second, we will know He is right here.

[pullquote position="right"]God will NEVER let you go[/pullquote]. If you have given your heart to Him, you are His forever. Your hand is wrapped up in His, and you can never be lost. That is a picture I like.

Much Grace

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