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Beth Moore Kingdoms

Freedom is something that most of us would say that we desire. Hopefully, you have discovered that freedom is not what the world has defined it as…doing whatever you want to do, and no one dictating how you live. This is a well tested, completely broken model.

I would define freedom as doing what you were designed to do. All of us were designed with different gifts and personalities, but all of us have a common design, which, when followed, leads to complete freedom. We were designed to reflect glory to God. That is it, very simple, right? It sounds simple, but when you put this design into a fallen world which screams at us 24/7 that we are kings and queens, the simplicity can be elusive.

So what happens when our design and our environment are in conflict? Most of the time we become control freaks. Yes, on one level or another, you are probably a control freak. I confess, I am. Your place of control may be your home, your job, your workout routine, what you eat, your friends, or how you spend your money. Your place of control really could be anything, but one thing that it is not, is freedom. This personal kingdom that you have created is actually your personal place of bondage.

God’s desire for us is freedom. Not the freedom the world grabs for. Not the freedom that we think we are creating by controlling some small part of our world. God wants to free us of all of our burdens. We were never meant to be kings and queens of anything on earth. We are princes and princesses of another realm. We are sons and daughters of the King of the universe-a much higher calling.

[pullquote]Give up the throne of your miniature kingdom,whatever it is.[/pullquote] You will find freedom as a prince or princess of something much greater on the other side.

Much grace

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