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Lasts and Firsts….Five Minute Friday

Lasts are often thought of as very final events. The last day of summer. Your last day of high school. Your last final exam. Your last day of being single. Your last day in your old house. There are so many lasts in life, but lasts, often imperceptively, become firsts.

The last day of summer leads to fall-colorful and cool, perfect for football. Your last day in high school leads to your fist day in college-new friends, a new campus, new pursuits. Your last final exam leads to graduation and your first day without school responsibilities. Your last day of being single brings your first day of marriage-a new, lifelong adventure with your best friend. The last day in your old house brings the opportunity to blend the old and the new.

Lasts can be sad times as we treasure the people and places we are leaving. Lasts can also be scary times as we are looking into a new unknown. Lasts are like turning to a new blank page in your journal. Blank pages can be intimidating, but once you put pen to paper, the words begin to flow and the adventure begins anew.

There is one last that I can’t leave out because it is the one last that I know I was built for. My last prayer on earth. I know that sounds some what ominous, but I finally figured out something….[pullquote]My last prayer on earth will be my first prayer in heaven. [/pullquote]There is no greater last or first than face to face with my King.

Much Grace

Five Minute Friday

4 Responses to Lasts and Firsts….Five Minute Friday

  1. What a day, glorious day, that will be!

  2. amyctilson says:

    Love your ending! What a glorious though that last/first will be. Visiting from FMF.

    • graphics says:

      Thanks for stopping by! I have to admit that for some reason the prompt “last” was a hard one for me until I thought of that prayer.

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