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Letters from Home

Letters from Home

Not many of us actually send personal letters any more. Most of our communication is by facebook, twitter, text, or if we must, by email. A lot of our messages use shortened versions of words and hashtags. When was the last time you wrote a letter, put it in an envelope, stamped it, and put it in the mail?

It is a great feeling when you receive a letter from a friend. You know they took extra time and put in special effort to write a letter to you. We can fire off text messages and emails at hyperspeed, but finding stationery, a pen, and an envelope can be a challenge. There is just something magical about putting pen to paper. It says, I care about you.

The Bible is a personal letter to you! God picked up His pen and, with great love, penned every word with you in mind. There are no cryptic shortened words or hashtags allowed.[pullquote] The Bible is, from beginning to end, a letter of love, instruction, warning, mystery, and redemption, all written by God to you.[/pullquote]

Be sure you check your “mail” today!

Much Grace

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