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Love Never Fails-1 Corinthians 13:4-8

love never failsMay 3rd! Today is my Wedding Anniversary! 27th Wedding Anniversary! I know that is really long and since I really don’t feel much older than 25, it seems kind of strange. The reality is I have had the honour of living with the most amazing man for 27 years. I have learned so much. I can honestly say that he is almost always right. About the only subject I can usually “own” is where something is located and how to get there. Other than that he wins. I want to tell you about my husband.

My husband is patient-another word for that is long-suffering, and he has suffered with me long!

My husband is kind-he is continually doing things for me that make me feel loved

He does not envy-he is secure in who he is and what he has in Christ

He does not boast-the only thing he boasts in is Christ, and that is an awesome thing

He is not proud-he has been my teacher in how to live in humility for more than 27 years

He does not dishonour others-my husband never tears down other people. He is an encourager

He is not self-seeking-just the opposite, he always puts others first, never himself

He is not easily angered-never angered!

He keeps no record of wrongs-if he kept a record of my wrongs the book would never close! Forgiveness is always available

He does not rejoice in evil but rejoices with the truth-my husband is a man of God’s Word and is a lover of truth

He always protects me-even when I would rather fight for myself

He always trusts me-even after I have failed before

He always hopes-his hope is in Christ and it does not waver

He perseveres-27 years with a wife with too much energy and too many ideas takes perseverance


I can’t say my husband never fails. I would really like to, just as I would like to say I never fail, but the truth is we are both children of the fall and we do fail. I would love to say that we have had the perfect marriage, but the truth is I am not the perfect wife and he is not the perfect husband.

Here are some things I can say. I love my husband more as every year passes. We have walked through many trials that could have destroyed this marriage but we centered our lives and our marriage on Christ and we walked out of those trials closer and stronger. Our marriage, just like all Christian marriages, is a prime target for the enemy. We were aware of that from the beginning and have always built hedges around our relationship to protect it. I can say without doubt that without Christ at the center, our marriage would have failed. But LOVE NEVER FAILS

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my awesome husband, I love you!

Much Grace

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