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Not Good…

Christians don't think God will

I am not good. And if I ever start to think that I am, I can just take a look at Jesus Christ and know that I am not good. If you are a Christian, you have to believe that you are not good or there would be no reason to become a Christian. Becoming a Christian must involve a recognition that you are sinful and that you need God.[pullquote position="right"] Any theology that doesn’t include a recognition of our own sin is not Christian theology.[/pullquote]

So does becoming a Christian make me good? No and Yes.
First the NO: As a Christian I still sin. No matter how hard I try, I still sin. So, if, after accepting Christ into my life, I still sin, and sin is what makes me not good, then becoming a Christian didn’t change my “good” status. As a Christian I will probably sin less, but even one sin makes me not good.

Now the YES: One of the huge gifts of becoming a Christian is that Christ took my sin with Him to the cross, and then went to Hell for my sin, so I don’t have to. Why did Christ do that? He did that because He loves me. He did that so that His righteousness could cover me. In other words, I look good to God because what God sees when He looks at me, is Christ’s righteousness. I am now good in God’s sight.

There is no greater love than this. This is the love that makes us good.

Much Grace

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