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Peace and Happiness…

God Cannot Give Peace

A big part of what we do in life involves a search for peace and happiness. Most of the time we don’t really realize that this is what we are looking for.

We feel unsettled so we try all sorts of things attempting to find that place where our lives feel right. We might throw ourselves into our jobs, thinking that achievement and money and recognition is what will fulfill us. Some of us look for that peace in relationship after relationship after relationship, only to find our heart is still empty. Some of us just try to mask the empty feeling by drowning ourselves in something–anything that will dull the pain.

The answer is so simple and so easily obtainable, it is so sad that many of us spend our lives peace–less. Doesn’t it make the most sense that our peace and our happiness is found in the one who created us? After all He knows our every need and exactly what we should be about.

You can search a lifetime and miss peace and happiness because God doesn’t fight for our attention, like the things of this world. He doesn’t really need anything from us. We need Him.

Peace and happiness, that place where your heart is full, doesn’t exist with out God. Place your heart in God’s hands and you will find what you are searching for.

Much Grace

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