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Proverbs 16:5

What if I'm Pretending?

Friday I talked about iced coffee and authenticity. If you missed Friday’s post you can catch up by clicking here. Yesterday I read Proverbs 16:5 and it brought me right back to thinking about authenticity.

I normally use the ESV Bible but today I have chosen the to include Proverbs 16:5 using the Message.

God can’t stomach arrogance or pretense; believe me, he’ll put those upstarts in their place.

The word that I want to focus on is pretense.

1. An attempt to make something that is not the case appear true.

2. A false display of feelings, attitudes, or intentions.

3. Professed rather than real intention or purpose

4. A false show
pretence – pretension – pretext – sham – excuse

Just reading the first line in the definition of pretense makes me feel uncomfortable. How often have I without even using words or by omitting words attempted to hide what I really believe because it was inconvenient or unpopular? How often have I said things that were somewhat misleading to just fit in? I wish I could say, “never” or “it’s been a really long time”, but I know that much too often I act in pretense. Sometimes it is just easier to fit in and skip the explanation or the possible judgement. Unfortunately, the easy way isn’t the right way. If I am to be authentic in my faith I have to live it with everyone, all of the time. I can’t pretend anything. Pretending doesn’t work for a couple of reasons. We can’t ever fool God. We also can rarely fool other people watching our lives.

I want my life to look the same no matter who is looking. That is authentic. I want to be honest and loving and real because that is how Christ is. Christ didn’t change His answer because He was talking to someone important, or because He thought the other person might not like His answer, or because He was running late. Most of the world is starving for someone authentic. Someone who always stands for the same thing and truly believes it.

I want my faith to be real without pretense all of the time. I want to always embrace people and point them to Christ instead of pushing them off by my pretense or arrogance.

No pretending !

Much Grace


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