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What am I Doing Wrong?…Letters From Summer Camp

counselor journal 1

Today we are peeking into a camp counselor’s journal. Our counselor is probably in college somewhere, and thought that it would be a fun, easy summer at camp. Camp was always the highlight of her summer growing up. She always loved her counselors and thought she could share with her campers, just like her counselors shared with her. She felt like God had given her this opportunity to be an example. As we read in her journal things are not what she thought they would be.

In this journal entry we see a girl doubting her situation, but not doubting her God. She is honestly telling God how she feels and really wondering if she made a wrong turn. This is exactly why she is a fantastic camp counselor. She turns to God for help. She continues being faithful in her job and to the girls, even though she doesn’t feel like they are getting anything out of her devotions.

This is so often how God grows us. We are in a situation that feels out of our control. We felt like God wanted us to do what we are doing, but now we wonder if we heard right. This is the point at which things can either unravel and go very wrong, or things can begin to make sense.

If we follow our counselor’s example we will talk it over with God honestly. I don’t think that when she closed her journal this morning she felt much better, but she had prayed her heart to God. Prayer changed her. I doubt she felt any more under control, until that camper approached her wanting to ask Christ into her life.

Our counselor thought everything she was saying was going unheard, but God was working in this situation in more than one way. All of a sudden she knew that God was there, and that He was using her words in at least one camper’s life. Our camper began her journey with Christ, and our counselor found joy and confidence that she was in the right place. This is the good scenario.

What if our counselor hadn’t shared her heart with God? Usually when we leave God out of a situation where we are feeling out of control, we either grow in frustration until we emotionally explode, or we try to control things and usually end up alienating everyone else involved. This is the bad scenario.

We are built to depend on God, and when we choose not to, life doesn’t work. When we do choose to depend on God, sometimes life still doesn’t feel like it works, but He will always provide us with encouragement and strength to persevere.

Psalm 145:18

The Lord is near to all who call on him,
to all who call on him in truth.

Psalm 145:18

God is as close to you as you will let Him be. He is always ready to hear your call from an honest heart. He makes life work and truly He is life.

Much Grace

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