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Remarkable Choice…

Remarkable Attitude
The remarkable thing is,
we have a choice everyday
regarding the attitude we will embrace
for that day.-Chuck Swindoll

It’s Monday morning. But it could be any morning. This morning you have a choice. How are you going to attack this day? Will you be victor or victim? Will you see opportunities or obstacles? Will you see people or problems? These are choices that you get to make today. You also have the choice of going it alone or allowing God to get involved.

So what will it be today? Commando or companion? For me, I am choosing companion. Going commando, alone, into a new day or a new week I have experienced and it doesn’t end well. I like the idea of always having my advisor with me. I like the idea of always having my encourager with me. I like the light burden rather than the millstone around my neck. I like the idea that my job is to be faithful and the ultimate outcome belongs to God.

You have all of these choices right now. If, for what ever reason, you do choose to go it alone today, and you find out it isn’t going well, you still have the choice to grab onto the strong right hand of God and turn it all around. You are only stuck if you choose to be.

I hope that you have a great day, I plan to…God and I have plans!

Much Grace

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