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you are the house

We all have ideas and plans for our life. God also has plans for your life. Your blueprint is most likely very conservative compared to God’s blueprint.

Have you ever gone through a season of heart renovation? Tough, right? For me, these times have been intense, but I always have looked back and been amazed at what God built.

My plans were so small, when I look at what God has done in me and through me. [pullquote]We can’t plan as big as God can because we really have no idea what is possible[/pullquote]. We have such a finite view of ourselves and the world. But God, He sees it all, so His plans can be comprehensive. I tend to want to do things in what seem to me to be a logical, step by step progression. When we do remodeling in our house, we stick with one room at a time. That way the rest of the house stays intact and we can still live in the house as we work. God can, at times, work in ways that seem outrageous and unorganized. He can work in ways that disrupt our lives much more than we would prefer, and often more than we think we can handle.

Here are some things to remember in seasons of renovation:
-God loves you
-Let God work; Struggling with God is not a good idea
-He will give you more than you can handle, but He will handle it
-Don’t run away from God. Hang on tighter
-Live in the now
-God loves you more

God is building in you the perfect home for Him to live in. That is something to rejoice in.

Much Grace

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