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Life is Like a Road Trip
LIfe can be compared to many things. People have compared life to a marathon. People have compared life to a Broadway show. People have compared life to a twinkie. And today my quote compares life to a road trip. I’m not really sure that life is comparable to any of these things completely-possibly a twinkie or a Reeses Cup, but today’s quote gives some good guidance.

The first piece of advice is “enjoy each day’. This sounds obvious, but I think we too often forget that each day and really each minute of life is a gift to be shared and “lived”. There are too many days that we just get through, instead of living and celebrating them.

The second piece of advice is “don’t carry too much baggage”. This is fantastic advice. If we bring too much of yesterday or last month, or last year, or our past hurts into today, we won’t be living today, we will be living yesterday, or last year, or some other time. Yes, we need to settle our past but then leave it there. Move on and live. In the movie The Blind Side Sean Tuohy says this about Michael…

I mean, Michael’s gift is his ability to forget. He’s mad at no one and he really doesn’t care what happened in the past.

I think that our past certainly does shape us, but we do need to leave a lot of it behind so that today can be new, and we can keep moving down the road.

[pullquote]Celebrate today! Live today! It is a great day![/pullquote]

Much Grace

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