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#saywhat #yestoGod

Last week I said “yes to God” in response to a #saywhat moment. If you visited here last week from the Say Yes to God Blog Hop you will remember that God had asked me to offer my custom graphics and video to the Say Yes to God community to use for free. It was a very exciting moment for me and I couldn’t wait to see what God would do. The idea of using my gifts to help anyone know God better, or find Him electrifies me like nothing else. (I won’t go into all of the details of what God and I are still offering. Please read my entire post here.) I kept checking my comments in hopes of finding someone wanting me to make a the a custom chalkboard or whiteboard video. I got comments of encouragement, which was, well, encouraging, but no one asked me to help them with graphics. I have to say I was disappointed and somewhat confused. But, the thing that I know is that I said yes to God when He asked! I have no question that I heard God right. I have no question that I answered correctly, and there is great freedom in knowing that I did the right thing. The offer still stands as I am still saying “yes to God”. Who knows what God will do? I am doing the harder thing now-waiting.

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I did not plan to write this particular post this morning. I had other ideas. But God knocked me off of my feet this morning. God caught me right about at mile 3 of my run and completely changed my idea, my day, and maybe a whole lot more. I am soooo excited to share with you what God said to me this morning!

If you are visiting from the #YesToGod Blog Hop you will understand #saywhat. If not…I am participating in an online Bible study based on a book by Lysa Terkeurst, What Happens When Women Say Yes To God. One of the things that we have talked about is those times when God speaks to us and we have a “say what?” moment with God. I had one this morning!

So here we go…You should be able to tell from the title of my blog that I love working with graphics. I am all about photoshop. God has made it very clear to me that I am supposed to be using my abilities in graphics and video for His glory. I started this website in hopes of doing just that. Sharing the gift He has given me.

About three months ago another blogger began downloading some of my images to use on her blog. God asked me to offer to make custom images for her. I THOUGHT that this was my #saywhat moment. When I originally began Scripturesque Graphics, I had hoped to make enough money to cover the cost of my blog and possibly a little extra. But, God was asking me to give my graphics as a gift to my new friend. This has been a humbling experience for me as I have been super-blessed with a new sister in the Lord and been able to participate in her ministry. That was actually the start of my bigger #saywhat moment, which came this morning at mile 3.

This is what God said to me…offer your custom graphics to the What Happens When Women Say Yes To God Community. I DID say, “say what?” to God! But then I finished my run in what felt like record time, because I was so excited to get back to my computer to tell you! So here is the offer that God and I have…I will make custom graphics, whiteboard videos, chalkboards, and scripture videos for any of you. If you are able and want to offer to help support my site, I will be thankful, but if not, I just ask that you bless someone with my work. Just like Lysa’s story about her Bible and her words being passed along to person after person, I think God is asking me to pass my graphics and video to you, to pass on to others.

You can see some of my work in the slider at the top of this post. Feel free to look around my site to see more.

This morning I am saying YES to God. I have no idea what He is going to do with my yes, but I am waiting expectantly. If you would like to reach me you can leave a comment below or email me at

Much Joy and Much Grace

P.S. If you are curious about a whiteboard video, click here is an example

8 Responses to #saywhat #yestoGod

  1. homeskoolmom says:

    Wow! What a big step you’re taking. It’ll be interesting to see how God works through your obedience!

  2. Sharing your gifts and talents the Lord gives you is an amazing testament. Love the blog post and the excitement you can gleam from it :)

    Blessings, Trish (OBS small group leader-P31)

    • graphics says:

      Thank you so much for the encouragement!I am really praying that God will send lots of people my way so that He can bless lots more!

  3. Renee B says:

    Your work is beautiful! What an inspiration and a blessing to others! Thank you for sharing your gifts with others. May you be blessed!

  4. That is a wonderful moment. I am confident that God will continue to use you to reach others for Him and bless others with your talents. Have a beautiful day! God bless you!

    • graphics says:

      Thanks for stopping by Kelly…God really surprised me this morning. Thank you for sharing the blessing with me :)

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