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Aim at Heaven..

CS LEWIS Aim at heaven

What is your focus today? Is it to complete your to-do list? Is it to build your reputation? Is it to cook a fantastic dinner? Is it to help someone else? or is it to just make it through another day?

We all have a focus, a goal, or an aim even if we have never really thought about it. Basically, there are two things you can aim at Heaven or Earth. Aiming at earth is a tough road. There is really no help, and most of the time all of the earth aiming people are pulling just for themselves. There isn’t a guidebook or really any standards to know how you are progressing when you are aiming at earth. And when the journey is over you have nothing.

Aiming at Heaven is a completely different story. All of the help you need is available in the person of the Holy Spirit. There is a complete unabridged guidebook-The Bible. And, yes, there are standards and they are in the guidebook. Also, aiming at Heaven is a great deal! Really a two for one proposition. Unlike when you just aim at earth and end up empty, when you aim at Heaven you get both Heaven and earth.

When you aim at Heaven you can’t lose!

Have a Heavenly day…

Much Grace

Give it away…

Nothing that you have

This is a really paradoxical statement. In the physical world when you give something away, by definition, it no longer belongs to you. What once was your possession, now is the possession of someone else. In the spiritual world it is all turned upside down.Continue Reading

Chalkboard thought of the day…

I Gave In

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