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Solomon’s Temple-David’s Heart

Solomon's Temple

King David had a dream to build a worthy temple for the Lord in Jerusalem. If you have followed David’s story in the Old Testament, you have seen a story filled with great mountaintops and very deep valleys. A story of sin and redemption, and of love and war.Continue Reading

Five Minute Friday…Beautiful

Five Minute Friday

1 Samuel 16:7

Beautiful is the mountain stream that traverses the slope to refresh the valley below
Beautiful is the Word of God that finds it’s way to our hearts

Beautiful is the rainbow that colours the steely sky in the wake of a storm
Beautiful is the embrace of the returning prodigal and his father

Beautiful is the rhythmic sound of the ocean as it daily follows the commands of the creator
Beautiful is the heart that beats with the will of the Father

Beautiful is the tree with roots that grow deep by streams of water
Beautiful is faith that stands in all seasons of life

Beautiful is the God’s creation
Beautiful is a man that knows that beauty is not what is seen, but is in the heart

The Magic Umbrella…

Psalm 91:2
Where I live, in the southeast, we have been having a tremendous amount of rain. Due to this, I have been running in the rain quite often. This morning was one of those mornings.Continue Reading

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