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Belong…5 Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday

Do you remember the the song from Sesame Street that began with these lyrics…?

[pullquote position="right"]One of these things is not like the other One of these things just doesn’t belong…[/pullquote]

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Five Minute Friday
If things look different today, it is because it is Five Minute Friday. I am writing on a prompt given on the Five Minute Friday Blog. My friend Nannette at Hope in the Healing dared me to do this! You can do this too. Just click on the image and head over to the Five minute Friday site.


Have you ever looked at an Oreo and noticed how the cream is protected by the two wafers? That is how I felt growing up. I was the child in between two brothers. I felt sort of protected. My older brother was sort of always “out there” in his thinking so my parents paid attention to him. My younger brother was obviously, younger, so everyone paid attention to him because he was cute. I was in between and sort of hidden.

That all changed when my older brother graduated from high school. It was actually a scary time. Probably just how the Oreo cream feels when the top wafer is pulled off and it is exposed. With my “out there” older brother gone, I became the oldest and I was no longer in between. The protection was lifted.

I used to escape often on my bike to the tennis courts to avoid the exposed feeling at home. I used to try to be gone as much as possible to avoid the exposed feeling.

The safety of in between was gone. I had to grow up and learn to live out of the in between. Eventually, the strangeness wore off and I was happy to be the chocolate wafer and not the Oreo cream any more.

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