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We all face hard things in our lives.Continue Reading

The Magic Umbrella…

Psalm 91:2
Where I live, in the southeast, we have been having a tremendous amount of rain. Due to this, I have been running in the rain quite often. This morning was one of those mornings.Continue Reading

Tests-1 Peter 4:12

1 Peter 4:12
Do you remember all of the tests that you had to take in high school or college? I remember very well. Finals week in college I treated like an endurance event. I would basically move into the study room on my hall. There would be no sleep and ample caffeine. Occasionally I would “surface” for air, but basically I completely focused on acing every exam. There would be no excuses if I did not walk away with an A. I was super serious about acing those finals because I had a future goal in mind.

I always expected the worst on those exams, knowing that if I prepared for the worst, I would walk away a winner.Continue Reading

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