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What am I Doing Wrong?…Letters From Summer Camp

counselor journal 1

Today we are peeking into a camp counselor’s journal. Our counselor is probably in college somewhere, and thought that it would be a fun, easy summer at camp.Continue Reading

The Gallery of ALL

Yesterday in this space I talked about FOCUS. Specifically that our FOCUS needs to be on reflecting the glory to God in ALL that we do. I thought it might be fun today to make sort of a GALLERY OF ALL. There are many verses that I have highlighted in the last few months that talk about giving God our ALL. There are other verses that talk about God being our ALL. So let’s look through the gallery…

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There is not much left for me to say. The WORD of TRUTH says it so well. God is our ALL and we must give Him our ALL.

Much Grace.

Tests-1 Peter 4:12

1 Peter 4:12
Do you remember all of the tests that you had to take in high school or college? I remember very well. Finals week in college I treated like an endurance event. I would basically move into the study room on my hall. There would be no sleep and ample caffeine. Occasionally I would “surface” for air, but basically I completely focused on acing every exam. There would be no excuses if I did not walk away with an A. I was super serious about acing those finals because I had a future goal in mind.

I always expected the worst on those exams, knowing that if I prepared for the worst, I would walk away a winner.Continue Reading

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