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Tests-1 Peter 4:12

1 Peter 4:12
Do you remember all of the tests that you had to take in high school or college? I remember very well. Finals week in college I treated like an endurance event. I would basically move into the study room on my hall. There would be no sleep and ample caffeine. Occasionally I would “surface” for air, but basically I completely focused on acing every exam. There would be no excuses if I did not walk away with an A. I was super serious about acing those finals because I had a future goal in mind.

I always expected the worst on those exams, knowing that if I prepared for the worst, I would walk away a winner.

In the Christian life we will also face tests. 1 Peter 4:12 tells us that we shouldn’t be surprised by this. These are a little different than finals in college because we don’t know when these tests will appear. These are more like pop quizzes. Most of us had experience with pop quizzes in school. The key to doing well in classes that featured these was to be in constant preparation.

When I took any kind of test in college I was super focused on making myself look the best I could by answering everything right. When we go through trials of faith the idea is to make God look good, by manifesting the life of Jesus through us. Not unlike academic tests we need to be hyper focused on the goal.

To be ready for trials of faith we need to prepare constantly. If we are always ready we won’t be surprised when we are tried. We can then focus on the goal, God’s glory shown through us.

Much Grace

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