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The Will of God…

The will of God

There are few things that Christians question more than the will of God. First off, there is the seemingly, ever present question, what is the will of God for my life or for my day? In other words, what does God want me to do? What I have found is that the longer I have known God, the less of a struggle knowing His will has become. In fact, I rarely think about that question. It is similar to how things progress in a friendship. At first, you don’t know what your friend is thinking, but the longer you remain friends the more you know their heart. It becomes more of a walk together, than a game of hide and seek.

One thing that is certain is that the will of God is the place you want to be. After all God created you, so He knows what is best for you. God loves you, so He wants what is best for you. God is all-powerful, so He will protect and sustain you. Sometimes, walking in the will of God can feel like sky diving. When you look at it one way it is terrifying, after all you are careening towards the earth very quickly. When you look at it another way, it is exhilarating, you are free falling into the hands of God. The will of God is the place of greatest grace.

[pullquote]The will of God will not take where the grace of God cannot sustain us -Billy Graham[/pullquote]

Much Grace

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