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Turn Your Back on the Crowd…

Turn your back on the crowd

The crowd, the populace,the peer group, the people all doing the same thing. It is easy being a part of the crowd. You don’t really have to think, you just do what “they” do. If you follow the rules and walk the right way and look the right way, you get to be a part of the crowd. But, if you want to rise above, go beyond the limitations of the crowd, at some point you will have to turn your back to the crowd. There has never been a leader who was still a part of the crowd. By definition, a leader can’t be. If a leader were still just doing the same thing as the crowd, he wouldn’t be leading. A leader must break out, set new standards and leave the crowd.

Jesus Christ was the greatest leader the world has ever known. Jesus was in no way a part of the crowd. He served the crowd. Jesus didn’t follow the rules of the crowd. He brought a completely new set of rules. Jesus never acted thoughtlessly in sin with the crowd. He went to hell for the sin of the crowd. Jesus wasn’t untouchable or aloof as a leader. He loved the crowd more deeply than we can fathom.

If you want to lead, you can’t be a part of the crowd. You must serve humbly, give lavishly, and love deeply.

Much Grace

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