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Wake-up call…

1 Peter 5:8
This morning I got a wake-up call. I didn’t ask anyone to call me to wake me up. I thought that I already was awake, but after a wake-up call from a friend, I realized that I wasn’t.I don’t think that my friend actually knew that she was sending me a wake-up call in her email, but she most definitely was.

Some background…due to a misunderstanding between my friend and I, for the last 3 days, I had begun to write and rewrite imaginary emails. I had started to store up hurt and un-forgiveness. I had blown the magnitude of the imaginary offense up 10 or maybe 20 times. I had wasted God’s time! I should have been shining God’s light, but instead I was in my own head, wasting God’s time.

Really, it was a simple misunderstanding that could have been sorted out with one honest phone call or email, but instead I chose to build a wall over something that didn’t even matter in terms of eternity. I let my pride start running things and ended up in a place that the enemy wanted me.

Finally, this morning-3 days late, I wrote a less than kind email to my friend. I am really not sure what I expected, but what I got back was my wake-up call. Instead of firing back at my precisely worded email, I received GRACE. I felt it wash over me. It was so sweet and so refreshing. The wall crumbled, and God smiled! (No, I didn’t see God smile, but I felt it!) It was undeserved, unmerited GRACE, mingled with forgiveness, and a measure of “I have been there too”.

What astounded me is how sin crept in so silently, so unobtrusively, that I didn’t see it. It was right inside my heart and my head and I really didn’t notice. This is scary. This is 1 Peter 5:8

Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.

He (the adversary) was prowling, I was napping. He was ready to devour, I was easy prey.

If not for GRACE…there are so many things we could complete that sentence with, but today,it reads like this…
If not for GRACE, the enemy would have added some territory. The enemy could have chalked up another relational demise to his tactics. BUT GRACE stepped in and turned the whole situation upside down.

Instead of distance and un-forgiveness, my friend and I can celebrate a renewed relationship and a forgiven heart. We can celebrate victory!

This is where I just want to say a very humble THANK YOU to my friend for extending grace and moving forward.

Much Grace

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