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When necessary…use words

Preach the Gospel

Do you ever think about who may be watching you? I am not talking about “Big Brother”. I am talking about the people that you interact with everyday, and even the people that you randomly run into as you walk through each day. Most of these people see what you do, and how you handle life by your actions and attitudes, rather than your words.

Studies have shown that people don’t remember words nearly as well as they remember pictures. Your life is a moving picture ( I guess that makes you a movie star! ) that other people watch. Sometimes people remember what you say. Usually those are the words you wish they would forget! Your kids generally will do what you do. This starts at a very young age as children learn how to do very basic things. They learn by imitation. This continues throughout childhood and even to some extent into adulthood.

Let’s think about this in terms of your witness to the people in your world. The most powerful way to witness is by being the hands and feet of Christ to others. Serving and loving and listening. So far, you haven’t spoken a word. Your actions have spoken for you. And, truthfully, most of the time it is best to leave it right here. Just serve and love and listen.

Sometimes in the midst of your serving and loving and listening, you will be asked about your faith. Most of the time this will come not as a question about faith, but as a question about why you are serving and loving and listening, or how you can handle your problems and still serve and love and listen. This is a chance to choose a few words to share your hope. But, be careful, it is much easier to say too much, than to say too little.

{Just so you don’t think I am only talking about missionaries or people who work in a homeless shelter…we should be serving and loving and listening wherever we are in life. At work, at home, at the grocery store. These are the mission fields for most of us.}

So here is the bottom line…live authentically and your actions will broadcast your hope.

Much Grace

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