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Worship…Five Minute Friday

What is your worship? When most people hear the word worship they think of that event that we attend on Sunday morning or for some Saturday night. It is usually an hour that includes singing, prayer, and a message. If that is where you give 100% of yourself to God and really connect with Him-that is your worship. For me, I find myself closer to God and giving Him more when I am working on a video, or graphics, or running. The video that I feature today, I made to be used for a worship service and the many hours I spent putting it together were an intense time of worship for me. I love to go all out for God! To me, that is worship. [pullquote]100%, all out, nothing left, giving of myself to God-WORSHIP![/pullquote]

Much Grace

Five Minute Friday

2 Responses to Worship…Five Minute Friday

  1. Leslie of Sweet Midlife with Lynne and Leslie says:

    How beautiful! And that video is your worship too!

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