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You can see God from anywhere…

You can see God from anywhere

It isn’t a good feeling being lost. It is even worse when you are lost and in the dark. I think that many people go through life lost and in the dark. We start moving one direction and then, in the darkness, we run into something, so we turn a different direction and keep moving until we run into something else and the cycle continues. We move through life without any guiding force other than the obstacles that push us in new directions. There is no light, so we really can’t see where we should be going, it is more a matter of trial and error.

Life doesn’t have to be this way, and I really hope it isn’t this way for you. There is a light source that is always available. We don’t have to grope around in the darkness. Your life could be full of light. God is ready to illuminate your path right now. The key is in your heart and mind. The light is available to you when your heart and mind are set to love and obey God. When you make this choice you will gain vision and clarity and light where there was darkness and confusion. You will be able to see God from anywhere. You will be able to see God in any situation.
Can you see God from where you are?

Much Grace

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