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You’re not stuck…

You are not stuck

So much of life really does come down to choices. Making a poor choice at the beginning of your day can seemingly turn the sunshine off for the rest of the day. Choosing to hit the snooze instead of getting out of bed on time can set up a cascade of events that colours your entire day.

The interesting thing is even after a poor choice, you always have another choice. You can choose to let one action keep you stuck in the dark, or you can choose to move on and relocate the sunshine. You choose how you react to what life throws your way.

What about more long standing issues? Things like your job or your health. Many people feel very stuck in their jobs. It has become just a means to live, instead of something that has meaning. This is certainly a tougher situation, but again you have a choice. You may not be able to switch jobs, but you can change how you view your job. Most jobs involve other people, and if your’s does, make the people your focus instead of the job. After all Jesus was all about loving people, so you should be too. Look at your particular situation, whether you are a stay at home Mom, a school teacher, or a banker, you can choose to get unstuck.

Your health is another difficult place to feel stuck. You may have a chronic condition that may never resolve. This can feel very hopeless and very endless. (Just so you know this is my situation, so I get it!) Even you have a choice to be stuck where you are or to move on. You can use your situation to help others in similar places. You can accept where God has you and start looking for new gifts and skills that you never had time to explore. God can get you unstuck from this place, if you will let Him.

It all comes down to choices, millions every day. Today, I pray, you choose wisely.

Much Grace

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